The CIIA is made up of a set of actors who form an ecosystem.

The common goal is to ensure the vision of “ONE AFRICAN, ONE CRYPTO WALLET”.

The team

A global team, a shared vision…

With representations in dozens of countries in Africa and Europe, CIIA is a major player in the crypto and blockchain ecosystem.


All CIIA COMMUNITY members are actively involved in the project’s continuous improvement and growth process;
The CIIA ACADEMY is incorporated as an association and offers incredible advantages to all its members; This is where community life is organized within the CIIA initiative.

The CIIA community

Cryptocurrency is the people’s currency!

So nothing is possible without a strong, well-educated community in the understanding and use of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

CIIA Warriors

All CIIA COMMUNITY members are actively involved in developing the CIIA MERCHANT NETWORK.
They are responsible for recruit and train the new merchants. They ensure the smooth running and expansion of the network;
CIIA WARRIORS receive commissions on every merchant transaction in their respective networks;

The advisors

CIIA advisors are not only experts in their respective fields, but also enjoy a high level of moral credibility.

They are resource persons with the knowledge and information needed to ensure the project’s success.

CIIA Partners

From large multinationals to local businesses, CIIA weaves solid and varied partnerships to penetrate all segments of the population and deliver our message.